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Customer Testimonial

August 24, 2009

Attention: Mr. Zwolenik
Sciota Office
Business Route 209
Sciota, PA 18354
(570) 992-5555

Dear Mr. Zwolenik,

I wanted to take a moment of your time to thank you for the excellent personal service my family and I received from your branch in Sciota. I opened my accounts at the branch many years ago when I worked in the area and have kept them in Sciota solely for the customer service which I feel could not be replaced.

In the Sciota branch I have my own personal banker named Shel, who knows my accounts and my children’s account so I can keep straight where the money is to pay their college tuition bills. She has worked with me at a moments notice to move money, or open a CD so that I could time maturity dates to coordinate with my needs. Shel is truly an asset to your organization and the reason I drive from Bushkill Falls to Sciota to do my banking. It would be remiss of me not to mention the excellent service I receive from the rest of the employees at the branch especially Zena and Mary Ann because they seem to always go out of their way to make my life as a customer easier.

In the last year my employment changed from being relatively close to the branch to Sanofi Pasteur. This has inhibited my ability to go to the branch myself on a regular basis. My husband has taken on the job of being the family banker and has specifically asked that I never move the accounts. He enjoys the personal service and the extra efforts made by your staff members; he was shocked to find they knew who he was before he even knew their names.

In closing I must admit to having worked in the banking industry for many years before acquiring my accounting degree. The experiences I had in the industry only reinforce my belief in the incredible management of First Northern Bank & Trust because only superior management cultivates employees with such positive customer service skills.

Thank you,
Mary Meg Harding

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