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Student Savers - Save & Win

It is finally August and the wait is over, this is the month that so many incoming college freshmen have been dreaming about. Graduation is done, and packing has begun. This is both a wonderful and scary time for students and their families.  One of the most scary and stressful things that arises with our children’s first glimpse of independence for both parent and student, is the management of finances.

 How does anyone overcome stress? By being prepared, that’s how!  Ensure your sons and daughters are prepared by making sure they set up their bank account prior to orientation. Look for an account designed for students, and one that comes with a FREE debit card and FREE online banking.   These small steps will ensure your child has access to funds while on their own.  We also suggest you spend a few minutes explaining the basics of banking to your child; how to use an ATM, make deposits, check balances by phone or on line, how to write a check, and how to keep a budget.  Help them gain their independence, and help yourself sleep a little better at night while they are away.    

At FNBT we offer an account designed specifically for students – our Student Checking Account. This account has no minimum balance requirements, no service charges or fees and only takes $25 dollars  to open and comes with all extras at no cost. Sign up and receive a debit card, online banking, on line bill pay, E-Statements, Direct Deposit and on line money management tools all for FREE!

And for the spendthrift student who started saving young, or the one that has some graduation money they want to take with them; we have a brand new student savings account called the ‘Smart Saver’.  The ‘Smart Saver’ account has no fees, no services charges and no confusing terms to try to remember!

Stop in to your local branch today and ask about these any great accounts – we would be happy to help your student be prepared!  What’s more, is that if you sign up by September 13th you will be eligible to WIN an Ipad 2, a Kindle Fire or a gas card!

Consider that another reason to let your friends at First Northern Bank & Trust help you, stop in and talk to us today! For even more tips about being a college freshman, check out

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