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In the middle of this heat wave, we just wanted to check in and make sure our customers are staying cool! Remember to hydrate, avoid the sun when it is strongest from 10-2pm, and try to stay indoors – in air conditioning – if possible.  If you do need to run out or spend excessive time outside this weekend, make sure to take breaks and find some shade if you can.   

At First Northern, we know our customers are the coolest, and they stay cool by getting all their banking done online from the comfort of their own homes.  For those of you who insist on a venture outside, all of our branches are air conditioned, so stop by to cool off and stay as long as you would like! Sit down with one of our personal bankers and have a financial review done! Let us find ways to make or save you money. 

If you have not already, stop by one of our branches and sign up for our online banking product suite.    

Pay your bills, track your spending, mange your budget, and transfer money to another bank account, all in the cool comfort and privacy of your own home.   Sound cool?   We thought so too. 

Stay Cool Everyone-         

From your friends at First Northern Bank & Trust

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