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September 6, 2011

Dear Mr. Sal Checho,

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my experience with one of your employees at First National Bank of Palmerton. Too often we fail to recognize excellence in customer service and only provide feedback when things are not what we expect. Well, in my case I got service that I did not expect! I got excellence every single time I came to the bank during this past year. Let me explain.

My mother had a long-standing relationship with your bank as well as with several other banks in the area. When she passed away, she left a variety of issues for us to deal with including emptying a safe deposit box, consolidating accounts, opening estate accounts etc. We had dealt with, Bank 1 and had a very, very negative experience. We also dealt with Bank 2 and Bank 3. On the heels of the bad experience with Bank 1, we came to your bank. We were so pleased right from the start with the quality of service we received particularly in the hands of Ms. Penny Moyer.

It seemed that each time we came to the bank we needed a different problem solved and Ms. Moyer always, with a smile and a solution, came to our aide. She was not only courteous but also very knowledgeable. She was always friendly, and never gave anything but the best in customer service. She went above and beyond in making sure we left satisfied with the experience.

We often came with three and four different issues and each time Ms. Moyer navigated us through the process so that we accomplished our goals. I myself was so pleased with my experience with your bank at the hands of Ms. Moyer that I opened my own account and hope to invest in CD's in the future. I also anticipate opening other accounts with my son. If he should have the same experiences that my brother and I have had, I would be most happy.

The old adage that your business is as good as the first person your customer meets is oh so true!! I would like to thank Ms. Moyer and recognize the many many times she came to my assistance this past year and made a difficult time so much easier. Kudos to her and to the people who employ such quality professionals!!


Susan Roberts Bolash
Thomas Roberts

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