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Today’s Military Spotlight features an interview with Dick Snyder, a former Morse Code Intercept Operator and currently a Senior Vice President here at First Northern Bank.  


Question: So Dick, how long have you been with First Northern Bank and what is your current title?

Dick: I’ve been with the bank for 47 years and currently work as a Senior Vice President.


Question: In your experience, what’s been most rewarding about working at First Northern Bank?

Dick: The friendships of my co-workers and customers, and the opportunity to help the community.


Question: Why did you join the military? How old were you? What was your path?

Dick: When I was just 20 years old, I joined the military to serve my country in a time of need - the Vietnam War. I wanted to see the world and experience how other people live. I served as a Morse Code Intercept Operator (CTR).


Question: Did you learn anything during your service that has helped you succeed in life and/or in your position at First Northern Bank?

Dick: The importance of team work, following orders, paying attention, and much more!


Question: Finally, any words of wisdom for someone transitioning from military service to civilian life?

Dick: Be honest, work hard, and help others.  


If you are Active or Retired U.S. Military, a Reservist, a Veteran, or in the National Guard, please consider the benefits of an FNBT Military Account.

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