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Microchip technology makes our MasterMoney® card more secure than ever before!

Current card holders will receive a new card soon with an embedded microchip that encrypts your information. This makes it extremely difficult for the data to be copied or counterfeited.

In the months to come, you will receive a new chip replacement card in the mail. After activation, please be sure to destroy the old card. If you are shopping with a merchant who accepts chip cards, follow these simple steps:

  1. Insert your card “chip first” into the chip-enabled terminal.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the transaction. You may be prompted to enter a pin, sign electronically, or sign a printed receipt.
  3. The terminal will prompt you to remove your card when the transaction is complete

If the merchant doesn’t have a chip-enabled terminal, just swipe your card as usual.

Use your MasterMoney Debit card at any business that accepts MasterCard Debit - it’s safer than cash and easier than a check. Simply make a purchase and the funds are automatically deducted from your deposit account. If you need immediate cash, your card is good at over 600,000 ATMs in more than 100 countries.

When the cashier asks, “Debit or credit?", say CREDIT and receive additional benefits:

  • Simply sign the receipt – no more remembering that elusive PIN number (or trying to find a way to punch it in without the whole world watching).
  • Get an exact itemization with the store name, location, date and transaction amount on your FNB monthly statement.
  • No finance charges!
  • Subject to credit approval

Apply for a MasterMoney Debit card today.

Call (800) 242-4671 for information or stop
into any of our Branch Locations.

MasterMoney® is a registered trademark of MasterCard®

For lost or stolen cards please call (866) 546- 8273.


A Real Time System
On August 18th, 2014 First Northern Bank and Trust converted to a new “live” processing system for our ATMs and plastic cards.  This has resulted in faster real-time debit card transactions which will help you to avoid confusion about the available funds in your account.

Available funds in your account will now be immediately available on your card in real-time.  As always, any deposits placed on hold will not be available until that hold has expired.

When you use your plastic card, this will immediately affect the available balance in your account.  Because of our new live system, you will now be able to see pending transactions on your FNB Online Banking.  They will immediately appear in your account history but will not have a letter code next to them (ED, AW, etc).  Some transactions will have a different amount when they settle (see below).

PIN and Signature Transactions
A PIN transaction is when you use your card and enter your PIN.  A Signature transaction is when you do not enter your PIN, whether it is a physical card swipe or giving your card to an internet/phone merchant.  It is always recommended to do a Signature transaction if you are given the choice because your liability for fraud is greatly reduced!

Some Signature transactions will place an initial pledge which does not reflect your final amount.  For example, most gas stations will place a $1.00 pledge on your account to determine if it is a valid card, and the full amount of the gas will not come out of your account until the transaction settles in 1-2 days.  If you rent a movie at Red Box, it places a pledge for only the first day of the rental and will not settle until you return the movie and they can charge you for every day it was out.

If you see an amount pledged this is not necessarily going to come out of your account.  Some pledges will simply fall off without taking any of your money.  If you wish to dispute an item or declare it as fraud, we must wait until the money is actually taken from your account.  If you see multiple pledges for the same transaction, the money may still only be deducted from your account a single time.

Daily Limits
As before, there are daily limits on your plastic card usage.  You may take $400.00 from an ATM in one day and $1,000.00 from Point of Sale (any non-ATM transaction) in one day.  If you need to temporarily raise your daily limit for a large purchase you may contact the bank to do so.

ATM Cards
If you have an ATM card and not a Master Money debit card, for regulatory reasons ATM cards can only be used at an ATM and not as Point of Sale at any other location.  If you wish to use a card as POS then you must have a checking account to get a Master Money debit card.

Activating Cards
From this point on, you will have to call the bank during business hours in order to activate any new plastic cards.  Our phone number is 1 (800) 242-4671, Option #4.  If you wish to change your PIN, you may do so at any First Northern Bank ATM.  One of the screen options will say “Change Password” or “Change Security Code”.

Beware Phishing Phone Calls!
As always, be wary if someone calls you requesting information about your account.  Falcon will only ask you to confirm specific items as fraud or not; they will not ask for your checking account number or social security number!  They will call you with an “incident number” from “Risk Management representing First Northern Bank and Trust”.  If anyone calls asking for personal information, particularly if they do not say the name of the bank, do not give them anything!

If you are travelling out of the area or out of country, be sure to contact the bank to let us know.  We can alert Falcon that you will be travelling to these areas so they do not block your card.  When travelling it is always prudent to carry multiple forms of payment (cash, debit card, credit card, etc).  You never know when there may be a temporary problem!

Download our Travel Notification Form

Disputing Card Transactions
Always monitor your account for unfamiliar transactions.  If you discover fraudulent items notify the bank immediately so that we can close your card and order a new card number for you.  Closing a card only affects that card; it does not affect ACH transactions, your checking account number, depositing or withdrawing money from a teller at the bank, or any other cards on that account.

If you wish to dispute a transaction that you initiated (incorrect amount, did not receive product, etc), part of the dispute process includes a written statement stating how you attempted to resolve this with the merchant.  We require a signed dispute/fraud form to conduct any investigation.  At the beginning of the investigation you will be issued a temporary credit for the disputed items.  Master Card has 45 days to resolve the dispute; if they find in favor of the merchant than the temporary credit will be revoked.

International Transactions

When you use your card in another country (of from an online/phone merchant based in another country) you will be charged a 1% international transaction fee. If the transaction is done in the local currency and not in US Dollars, there may also be a second smaller charge. If you attempt a transaction from another country without alerting the bank in advance, it may be denied as many foreign countries are automatically blocked. Contact the bank if you are travelling out of the country or purchasing from an international merchant before attempting it. Many internet merchants are based out of the United Kingdom and will be automatically blocked. 

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