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Travel Tips

Are you excited to get away this Labor Day and enjoy what remains of the summer, and for you students out there – the last few days of freedom? Before you go, let us give you a few traveling tips. Most common among all incidents while traveling is a lost or stolen wallet. Remember a few of these travel tips and travel worry free!   

  1.    Before you leave photocopy everything in your wallet – and you’ll have all the necessary info available. This step is definitely worth the time it takes, if for nothing but the peace of mind alone;
  2. Contact your bank first to cancel your debit card, since the amount you are responsible for could be higher depending on their policy; next  
  3. Contact the credit card companies to have your card reported lost or stolen.   Note: some companies like American Express and Discover offer “wallet protection services” where they will call, cancel and request replacements of cards for you, for a small annual fee; and
  4. Contact your local DMV to let them know you no longer have possession of your ID or driver’s license, in case someone  attempts to use it or have a new one made; and finally
  5. Contact any one of the three credit agencies – Equifax, Experian or Transunion and have a fraud alert placed on your credit report. 

We hope this list helps ease your mind while you travel this weekend or for any weekend getaway. Enjoy the sun and the last of the summer days – the next time you hear from us it will be Fall!  

Note: All information written or attributed to in this post is courtesy of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine and its respective authors, editors, creators and the like. We are not making any profit from this post, nor do we intend to make any profit from subsequent posts or mentions.

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