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The greatest holiday of the year has arrived – Black Friday! It’s the one day a year when no one complains about waking up at crazy early hours, probably because they are going shopping…and who doesn’t love to shop? This year, we would like to offer only one piece of friendly advice to all of you deal hunters out there: Use your no fee, completely free, FNB Mastermoney Card!

Just swipe and sign.  It’s incredibly easy! By using your card to pay for your purchases you are eliminating the need of a checkbook and avoiding the hassle and potential  danger of carrying large amounts of cash. When using your Mastermoney card as a “Credit” you may sign your name and quickly be on your way to scoring more awesome gifts. By using your card as a credit, as opposed to a debit, (entering your pin number), you can not be held liable for ANY possible fraudulent purchases on or with your card. With a debit or pin transaction, however, you may be liable for up to $50 worth of purchases – good to know, right? Also, we want our customers to know that there is no fee to use their card – EVER. No usage fee, or annual fee any kind! For once Free is actually Free, so shop happy!

We want all of our customers to have a successful and stress-free Black Friday, as well as the rest of your holiday shopping season (don’t forget to also use your MasterMoney debit card on Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday too! It’s usable any where Master Card is accepted!) And we wish you the best of luck in your search for the perfect gift.  Happy Holidays!

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