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Insurance Enrollment, Charity Scams, & Beneficiaries……. Oh My!

 2016 Insurance Enrollment

Starting in November, you may sign up for a new 2016 health insurance policy on the health insurance Marketplace. You can also renew or change the policy that you had during the last enrollment period. Make sure to verify that you’re still eligible for the federal premium tax credit.


Current Charity Scams
The Fly-By-Night Charity: Fraudsters are now looking to profit from the severe flooding in South Carolina. Natural disaster charities arise quickly so beware! Only donate to charities that you can trust and who can demonstrate a proven track record! If you are ever unsure of a charity check out the organization with the Better Business Bureau, Charity Navigator, Guidestar, or other similar watchdog groups.

The Evasive Fundraiser: A legitimate caller should be upfront and forthcoming with information about the charity when asked, such as the percentage of funds allocated to administration & marketing.  Make sure to ask direct questions & expect direct answers! If the caller knows little about the supposed cause, considering donating elsewhere.

The Urgent On-line Request: Social Media is a golden opportunity for fraudsters to get a hold of your money. Websites can easily be made to mimic legitimate charities which have conned many people. NEVER give out your financial information via email or social media messages.


Are your beneficiary designations up to date?

It’s easy to lose track of your beneficiaries, but it’s important to keep them current. Your beneficiary inherits assets from the account you designate, regardless of what your will says. Generally you will designate a beneficiary for each of your IRA’s, 401 (k), or other retirement plans, annuities, & insurance policies. Sometimes the named beneficiary could be outdated due to life changes. These life changes could include: now being married, having children, or being divorced. Failing to update your beneficiaries could affect the long-term value of your IRA assets after you pass away.
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