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Do you feel forgotten by your bank? Do you feel like your local bank branch does not even remember your name? Are you seeing fees on your statement that you do not understand because you thought it was “free”? Hidden fees masked under the “Free” Banner would make nearly anyone feel cheated, deceived and duped.   

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, First Northern IS the answer to all of your problems! We take pride in offering the products and services our customers actually need – because we take the time to listen to you.  At First Northern, we do not have ‘Branch Managers’, we have ‘Personal Bankers’.  Our Customer Service Representatives know their customers by name.  In all likelihood, they know the names of their customers’ family members.  Our customers relationships are for life and often generational.  We served your grandparents, then your parents, and now you.   At First Northern, you are more than a number to us.

Stop by and see the First Northern difference today. Rest easy knowing you can call your own personal banker for all your banking questions and needs, and your finances are safe.  When we say ‘ Free’ it also means “Free of hassle, worry, concern, and free to bank on your terms”  How banking should be!