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The Most Wonderful Time - for a Financial Review

 It’s December 7th, which means that Christmas is only 18 days away! Most consumers are focused on the holidays, but at First Northern Bank, we would like to mention another great opportunity after the holiday craze has ended: Time for a thorough review of your finances.

By taking the time to thoroughly review ‘everything’, and by that we mean: bank statements, bills, last year’s taxes, IRA accounts, FSA accounts, etc. (and possibly tweak your budget for next year) it will be a great relief in the weeks to come. Having an accurate view of one’s finances helps greatly if there is a need to cut back in the coming year, or add an extra expense to your annual budget. This must be a top priority for those with a long term savings goal, like your dream trip or college tuition – it will help them assess their progress and clarify how much more they might need to set aside in the coming year.

 Getting a handle on your personal financial situation is also a great time to organize: your statements, bills, checkbook, etc. It gives you a clear and fresh start heading into the New Year, so you can start saving, or pay off that bill, or put more into your retirement planning. Whatever you would like to accomplish in the New Year financially, knowing what you have to work with after your “end of the year review” is a great starting point.

First Northern is here to help you with all of your financial needs and would love to help you accomplish any of your goals! To learn more, call 1-800-344-2274.

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