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Christmas Clubs 2013!

Halloween is estimated to cost the average American family $80 dollars this year! If that seems high can you only imagine what Christmas will cost? This year you don’t have get  blindsided by the sudden financial strain that comes from buying  gifts, decorations, wrapping paper, holiday treats, etc. –at FNBT, we have a solution for you. A way for you to know you can afford the holidays, whatever they may cost, without having to go into extra debt.

We have an account called “Christmas Clubs” and this year we are expanding them to include even better savings options! We want our customers to feel secure that they can find the perfect gift for everyone on their list – with plenty of time to spare! Our Christmas Club Account special begins on November 5th for the 2013 holiday season, and ends December 31, 2012!

This year the club options we have available for our customers are:

$20 a week = $1,000

$30 a week = $1,500

$40 a week = $2,000

$60 a week = $3,000

We are excited to offer our customers this opportunity, where saving a little each week guarantees them the sums above  (plus interest!) at the end of 50 weeks, with shopping time left over. These clubs are versatile and can be used for more than just Christmas – weddings, honeymoons, birthdays, tax time, emergency funds, and the list goes on. We offer auto-deduction from a checking account, or the option to pay at any teller window. We know how hard you work for your money, so want to make saving it easy for you.

To learn more, call l-800-344-2274.

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