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Bank to Bank Transfer FAQs

What are Bank to Bank Transfers?
Bank to Bank Transfers allow you to transfer funds to and from your checking and statement savings accounts at First Northern Bank & Trust, and to and from your checking and savings accounts at other financial institutions within the United States from your online accounts.

How do I sign up (enroll) for Bank to Bank Transfers?
Please visit the nearest FNB branch or mail to P.O. Box 127, Gilbert, PA 18331 to sign up for this service. You must fill out an Addendum to access this feature.

Can businesses enroll for Bank to Bank Transfers?
No, bank to bank transfers apply only to personal accounts.

Are there any fees for Bank to Bank Transfers?
No, there is no fee for this service.

What types of transfers may I make?
You may transfer funds from your checking and statement savings accounts at First Northern Bank & Trust. Transfers can be scheduled to occur immediately or on a future date.

How do I set up recurring transfers between accounts?

  • Click on Bank to Bank Transfer
  • Click on New Transfers
  • Fill in the Required Fields
  • Under Frequency —> Choose how often you would like the transfer to occur (One-Time, Weekly, Bi Weekly, Semi Monthly, or Monthly)
  • Under Transfer On —> Choose what date you would like this transfer to take place. This will tell the system what day of the week or month it should take place.
  • Click Submit

How do I Change or Delete recurring transfers?

  • Click on Bank to Bank Transfers
  • Click on Pending Transfers
  • If you would like to Delete the transfer, Click on Delete
  • If you need to change information within the transfer, Click on Edit. Make the needed changes.
  • Click Submit

Can I make transfers from any account with FNB?
You can make transfers from your checking and statement savings accounts at First Northern Bank & Trust.

How many transfers may I make?
Effective September 4, 2018, you may have as many as:

  • 3 Incoming transfers totaling $5,000.00 per day
  • 3 Outgoing transfers totaling $5,000.00 per day

How quickly can I transfer money between accounts?
You can transfer funds between your FNB accounts instantly. The time it takes for transfers between other linked accounts (at other financial institutions) may vary, but you can expect it to take up to three business days.

Is there a limit on the number of banks I can transfer to?
No, there is no limit to the number of banks that you can transfer with.

Does every bank participate with Bank to Bank Transfers?
As long as the other financial institution participates in the ACH program, you will be able to transfer funds with them. However, if you are not sure, contact the other financial institution for confirmation.

Can I transfer to any account (same account title) at another financial institution?
You may transfer to any checking and savings account with your title (name) on the account.

Do I have to notify my other bank of these transfers?
No, you do not have to notify other banks of these transfers.

What can I do to comply with Federal Regulation D?
Due to Regulation D, you may only have six electronic withdrawals from your savings accounts per month. If you have multiple automatic transfers from your savings account to other accounts, consider scheduling one large transfer from your savings to your checking, and reschedule the multiple transfers to come from your checking account.

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